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Legacy Wood Vents Flush Mount Floor Register 3"x10" (Duct Size) Solid Maple Warm Air Vent Cover Unfinished Includes Damper

  • Duct Opening Size: 3" x 10" Measure the duct opening to determine size to order
  • Innovative Flush Mount Design for seamless floor integration
  • High air flow Vent - 14 straight slots 9.5mm (3/8 inch) wide for maximum air flow
  • Precision CNC milled from one piece of solid wood, this a furniture-grade hardwood floor register
  • Slots are micro-beveled for enhanced look and feel
  • Concealed Underframe can be trimmed to thickness for varying floor thicknesses and provides full support for the drop in floor register
  • Can be installed at the same time as flooring or retrofit in existing wood floors.
  • Installation of the Flush Mount Register requires skilled use of tools. Please see product description and video
  • Sanded and unfinished, ready to be stained or painted to match to your floor, including wood, vinyl, laminate or tile
  • Damper easily clips on/off for finishing or easy cleaning


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Legacy Wood Vents solid wood floor registers are crafted in Canada and designed to integrate beautifully with your hardwood floor and wood grain vinyl or laminate floors. You can apply a wood stain to match your floor or simply apply a clear finish. Or paint to match your tile floor. Legacy Wood floor Registers are currently available in the two most popular sizes 3 x10 and 4 x10.
Flush Mount floor register is designed to be installed flush with the surface of the hardwood floor. Installation requires the skilled use of woodworking tools. The vent portion remains removable after installation for easy cleaning and adjustment of the damper.
The flush mount floor register consists of 3 components:

  1. the one piece solid hardwood (oak or maple) vent top,
  2. the plastic damper which clips onto the underside of the vent top and provides adjustment of airflow
  3. the concealed underframe which provides support for the vent top. This birch plywood part must be trimmed in thickness at time of installation to align the flange of the vent top with the surface of the floor.

***Note*** Installation of the Flush Mount register requires woodworking skills and experience using power tools. Ideally, the flush mount register is installed at the same time as the floor installation, in which case the flooring is installed precisely around the concealed frame. In the case of a retrofit installation, it is necessary to cut an opening in the existing flooring around the vent opening to precisely fit the concealed frame. In both cases, the concealed frame needs to be trimmed in thickness to allow the alignment of the top of the register with the floor surface when it rests on the concealed frame.

*** For a simple drop in register, check out the Legacy Wood Vents Top Mount Register, it does not require any tools to install.

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